We are all about art-making and craft-building by facilitating the child's curiosity. Over here, art-making is not about achieving a level of aesthetic but rather, a way to process and express our unique experiences and ideas. As such, guiding the child with flexibility and facilitating their freedom to experiment are the key guiding principles behind our approach. For first-time visitors, we generally invite the child to look around our art studio, to get a sense of where his or her interest lies. We like to keep the process organic and structure-free. Please take a look at our gallery (above) to get a sense of the work we do. To find out more about our art facilitators, please click here.


By appointment only. We are available: 
Wednesdays to Fridays | 2pm - 6pm
Saturdays & Sundays | 10am - 2pm
Please kindly fill out the contact form below to book a workshop session with us:-)
Each art workshop is 1.5hrs. 


DROP-IN. $45/1.5hrs
FOUR-WEEK PACKAGE*. $160 (4 sessions) 
EIGHT-WEEK PACKAGE*. $300 (8 sessions)
*Our weekly-packages are applicable when attended regularly (once per week). Flexibility is provided for the occasional missed session as we understand the nature of changes in our daily schedules. However, weekly-packages will no longer be applicable when sessions are missed for 3-weeks or more without any form of notification to the studio. 

please NOTE

  • All amount paid is non-refundable. We are a lo-fi art studio, accepting cash or cheque payments only.  
  • We are a wheelchair-accessible studio. 
  • Art workshops are available only within the studio's operating hours. 
  • While we do have painting tees and aprons, we do highly recommend your child/s be dressed in casual painting outfits.
  • Kindly drop us an email to notify us of your participation 1-2 days in advance.

FOR PARENTS/caregivers, we recommend clicking here to download our info brochure

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