Seasonal Art Workshops

Welcome to the page filled with our June/July 2018 holiday art programmes and workshops! Art workshops happening real soon are at the top of this page. To make a booking, fill the booking form located at the bottom of the page. 

Creatures and Critters: a 2-day art workshop
A 6-hours (3hrs per day) immersive art experience for children to create stories and large-scale images using collage, cut-outs and paint. Includes time for snacks, play and a visit to the bunny sanctuary a few steps away from our homely art studio. Suitable for children aged 4.5yrs - 8yrs. 

Weekends to choose from: 
2 & 3 June, Sat & Sun, 2pm - 5pm
9 & 10 June, Sat & Sun, 2pm - 5pm

$120 for 1 child
$200 for 2 children

Minimum pax: 4 | Maximum pax: 8

Art Facilitator: Weng Pixin. Kindly click the link for a detailed profile:)

My Imaginary Garden Diorama / Assemblage Art Box
Let's have some hands-on fun in making our own imaginary character using rice clay and assorted dried plants as our main materials. Discover ways to create an imaginary universe with its inhabitants, all existing inside a special 'garden' of their own:) Suitable for children aged 4 and above.

Date & Time: 9 June, Saturday, 1045am-1215pm

Fee: $50 for 1 child
$90 for 2 children

Additional note: Workshop will be kept to a maximum of 10 children. 

Guest Art Facilitator: Miun


flower_for website.jpg

You can make a Tropical, Evergreen Wreath
A wreath is evergreen. You needn’t wait till Christmas to have one hanging on your front door. Let’s step outside to gather leaves, grasses and flowers from the wild, and use them as fresh materials for making a tropical wreath. Suitable for children aged 4 and above

Date & Time: 23 June, Saturday, 2pm - 330pm

Fee: $50 for 1 child (includes supplied flowers/foliage/art materials)
$90 for 2 children

Additional note: Workshop will be kept to a maximum of 10 participants.

Guest Art Facilitator: Teacher Ricky Yeo. 



Everyday Treasures
This trash-to-treasure workshop introduces our children to the idea of conscious consumption. By reframing our trash or unwanted belongings as reusable materials to make art, we prompt our children to be aware of the products that go through our hands daily, and look out for inspiration from the mundane. We will each construct a physical art piece from our assortment of treasures.

Date/s and Time to choose from:
This workshop is a 3-hour session, from 2 pm to 5 pm.
01/July/2018, Sunday
14/July/2018, Saturday
15/July/2018, Sunday
21/July/2018, Saturday
22/July/2018, Sunday

Ages: For children aged 6 - 12yrs

Minimum pax: 4  | Maximum pax: 8

Art Facilitator: Yiping Weng

Fee: $120 for 1 child
$200 for 2 children
Materials and snacks will be provided.

Additional Note: For the purpose of the workshop, we would like the children each to each bring 5 pieces of old and unwanted objects from home that they may find interesting. You could allow them to comb the house to look for items that are not of use anymore. The objects can include household items, household tools, parts of furniture, old toys, ornaments, recyclable materials, used packaging, containers and used stationery.


Create a Charming Flower Crown
There’s something about a flower crown that evokes an enchanted forest teeming with fairies, elves, garden creatures and happy children. Let’s go outdoors to gather wild flowers and fallen leaves, and use them to create a suitably tropical flower crown. Suitable for kids aged 4 and above.

Date & Time: Sat, 7 July, Saturday, 2pm - 330pm

Fee: $50 per child (includes supplied flowers/foliage/art materials)
$90 for 2 children

Additional note: Workshop will be kept to a maximum of 10 participants.

Guest Art Facilitator: Teacher Ricky Yeo


Weird-And-Wild: An Experience in Freestyle Floristry
Part 1: Style a weird-and-wild bouquet (bring your own vase/receptacle)
Part 2: Make a corsage
Everything is beautiful in their own way – goes the song. So too is the bouquet you will make at this no-holds-barred workshop. You will discover how thrilling and experience how rewarding it is to express yourself with flowers. We will go outdoors to select Nature’s bounty (why not offer something picked from your garden?), and combine it with fresh flowers and foliage to create a bouquet wild, idiosyncratic and beautiful to behold. Then, we will make an stylish corsage that’s suitable to wear for all occasions.

Date & Time: 8 July, Sunday, 2pm - 430pm

Fee: $125 per person, for the 2.5hrs session
Supplied materials (flowers/foliage/art materials) included.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop is designed for adults and beginners in floral arrangement. Workshop will be kept to a maximum of 10 participants.

Guest Art Facilitator: Teacher Ricky Yeo. 

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