Our working philosophy is to ask ourselves “why not?” when inhibition, uncertainty or fear sets in. To us, creativity is an innate human capacity to wonder, think, reflect and hope. It isn’t a mysterious attribute only reserved for the genius, or the ‘crazy’ elusive artists, but rather is a quality that is present in all of us. Some may have tucked it away, others may lead lives being very creative and not realizing they were being so. It is a powerful element present in all of us, and can be developed and enhanced through the wonderful processes of art-making. Why Not's outreach programmes are tailored to suit the requirements, interests and goals for diverse events, corporate organizations and schools.

Past collaborations:

Outreach Testimonials

"Studio Why Not's exciting holiday camp "Stories from Outer Space" featured a range of artistic mediums such as comics, diorama-building and group art-making which gave children the opportunity to invent and develop their own galactic universe. Participants were encouraged to imagine their version of outer space and learnt to take creative risks in experimenting with stories from other planets and galaxies. Studio Why Not facilitated the camp with sensitivity and skills that enabled children to explore and develop their own ideas highly and effectively. The children enjoyed themselves immensely and appreciated the range of media and ideas presented to them."
- Playeum, Children's Centre for Creativity. 

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