Guest Art Facilitator Profile

guest artist profile.png

Teacher Ricky Yeo. 

A found branch. A gathered foliage. A foraged flower.

You may find any one or all of these in the botanical bricolages Ricky Yeo creates. Combined with fresh flowers, his arrangements are one-of-a-kind improvisations. Ricky is guided by wabi-sabi, the Japanese aesthetic for beauty imperfect and impermanent. He creates his botanical art to jazz music. Having kept his passion under wraps for many years, Ricky now wants to share it with you. Express your thought, emotion or mood through flowers and foliage. Ricky can help you achieve that. A former editor, journalist and communication specialist, Ricky is pursuing his ikigai — “a reason for being” — with botanical art and arrangements. He is married with two teenage sons.