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Singapore 287992
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Our Team

Dawn Sim, M.Soc Sc (Counselling)
Founding Mama of Studio Why Not
Director, Counsellor & Psychotherapist of The Open Centre

Weng Pixin, MA, AThR
Studio Manager & Art Facilitator
Art Therapist for The Open Centre

Yiping Weng
Art Facilitator & Graphic Designer

May Lim
Art Facilitator

Team Profile

Dawn Sim. I believe all children are innately creative, hence art-making is an important building block for a child's development. Here, art-making can be producing music using empty cans and bottles, transforming a cereal box into an armour, composing a poem…one that extends beyond visual image-making. With my years of experience working closely with children as a therapist and as a camp facilitator, I realised there are multiple types of intelligence and different types of learners. Amidst the different styles, there is always one common ground: children are naturally curious, and we ought to cultivate this ‘energy’ of curiousity into creativity. This is the reason Studio Why Not was established: for a child’s inquisitive mind and questioning of “Why Not?" to transform into something creative. Creativity isn’t just about coming up with new ideas. It is a process, not a single event. At Studio Why Not, we support the child from the moment he or she comes up with an idea, ideas that initially may appear 'crazy' or impractical to the adult mind. Through every bit of the process, we facilitate the child's making. Sometimes, there is an end product, sometimes not.  When the child asks if we could try again, we say “Why Not?” Our mission is to create a space and culture where children are encouraged to be creative critical thinkers, and very importantly, to feel valued and acknowledged for their unique expressions.

“All children start their school careers with sparkling imaginations, fertile minds and a willingness to take risks with what they think” –Sir Ken Robinson


Weng Pixin. Pixin is an art-maker, art facilitator and art therapist born and raised in Singapore. Upon graduating with a first class honours in Painting, Fine Arts from the LASALLE College of the Arts in 2004, Pixin spend the next decade immersed in her personal craft practices, ran Doinky Doodles!, a studio which curated artworks handmade by local crafters and art-makers, as well as create short-form comics that were published in international comics and illustration magazines. She works in a wide range of medium: from painting, drawing, making comics to sewing and constructing using recycled and/or found objects. Pixin’s facilitation of art workshops for children and adults in Singapore and overseas led to her interest in utilizing art-making processes as means of healing and growth, which led to her attainment of a Masters in Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016. In her art workshops with children, Pixin places a focus on play, as she sees the vital role of how play in art encourages young minds to express themselves authentically through creative art processes. 

Yiping Weng. Currently pursuing a degree in Graphic Design, Yiping is equipped with a background and strong passion for art and design. Since joining the Studio, she has garnered experience facilitating and conducting art sessions and camps with as many as 15 children. Working with children has been a great influence and inspiration to Yiping; in terms of art-making, she believes in constantly learning and experimenting with ideas and art-techniques inspired by the way children handle and interact with these tools and materials. She values art that is created by accidents- creations that would otherwise be dismissed as mistakes by children who were nurtured conventionally. Through planning and preparing crafts at the Studio, as well as facilitating art sessions with children, Yiping is motivated to growing as an art-maker, designer and an individual of this society.

May Lim. May graduated with Master of Arts in Art Therapy from LASALLE College of the Arts in 2016. She has experience in developing and conducting sessions for children, youths, and individuals with special needs locally and internationally since 2010. Combining arts and games, May encourages children to engage in spontaneous art exploration and creative expression. Her personal creative practice includes working with abstract arts, paints, tactile art materials, and recycled materials. Through the creative process, May develops her understanding towards the importance of expressive quality of art media in engaging people at different levels. She also believes that art making aids self-regulation, both emotionally and behaviourally. 

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