Illustration by: Yiping Weng

Illustration by: Yiping Weng

Be True. 
Be Curious. 
Be Silly.

About Us
At Studio Why Not, the sky doesn't have to be blue and the grass doesn't have to be green. The Earth doesn't have to be round and art doesn't have to be labelled or classified. As much as we believe in technique and theory, we also believe that art should be free - where imagination leaps and expression sings!

With our studio nestled among the lush natural surroundings of Horse City, we provide children with ample space to move about, explore and find inspiration. 

Studio Why Not is the creative arm of The Open Centre, a centre dedicated to nurturing resilient, compassionate and happy children.

Where do I Start?

The Recommended 4-Step Process

  1. Take a peek at our Studio’s IG to get a sense of what we do. Alternatively visit REGULAR ART WORKSHOPS for that.

  2. Go to SCHEDULE to see which time slot works well for you.

  3. Check FEES so there are no surprises to your wallet.

  4. Feeling good about us? Then make a booking via the forms provided. Once we’ve received your form, someone from our team will get in touch with you.

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